Friday, September 21, 2018
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Hymera Town Council receives $240,000 through Community Crossings grant

By Jessica Pitts

The Hymera Town Council adopted a contingency plan through HWC Engineering, but they will not see every dime of a $240,000 Community Crossings grant immediately.
Council president Scott Enstrom noted this right off during a special meeting Wednesday.
Indiana has a “time consuming” procedure, “we’re not going to get the money in our hands as soon as we had hoped to, but we can go ahead with the part of the grant we have to match with and get some work started,” he said.  
With $80,000 in hand, the town will begin the road work once bids are accepted later this month.
“If we can get the rest of the money in time, we might be able to get more work done before bad weather hits us, if not, it’ll have to go to spring,” Enstrom added.
HWC Engineering foresees part of the town road work projects pushed to the spring.  
Indiana Department of Transportation awarded $50 million across the state for the grant program, HWC project manager Ron Shepard noted.
“They’ve got to wait on tax money to come in to get their revenue in the bank,” he said. “That’s why they said ‘use it next spring,’ because they’re not going to have all the money to dish out if everyone tries to get done this fall.”
Bids will be advertised for two weeks, with the bids opened for discussion at the Oct. 19 council meeting, at which HWC will attend to advise.
Sullivan County government entities were awarded over $1.5 million in state-matching funds for local road projects through the Next Level Roads: Community Crossings Initiative. Communities receiving funds included: city of Sullivan, $240,037.50; Dugger, $203,352.95; Hymera, $240,000; and Sullivan County, $420,205.91.
Total funds coming to the county are $1,579.737.54.


Photo by JESSICA PITTS: Hymera Town Council president Scott Enstrom, left, and council member Carl Samm pose for a picture holding the money granted through the Indiana Department of Transportation’s Community Crossings program, with hopes to begin road work with it this fall.

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