Friday, September 21, 2018
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Carlisle Town Council addresses rogue rooster, accepts road work bids


A rogue rooster not respecting others was addressed with an updated ordinance adopted during the Carlisle Town Council meeting on Tuesday.
“We hate it for the town marshal to have to eat that chicken,” council president Azalia Barfield rebuffed a statement by councilman Harold Hatfield during last month’s meeting.
“Maybe we’ll have to have a chicken noodle dinner on Sunday,” Hatfield said at the previous meeting.
The ordinance regulates any animal, spayed or neutered, loose and at-large, meaning any animal running free of its own premises and not under the immediate control of a person of reasonable age, with the owner responsible for the animal.
“The owner of a dog may not allow such dog to run at-large in the town, dogs must remain on the owner’s property or in the owner’s vehicle or else be kept on a leash,” Barfield said of the updated ordinance.
“Domestic cats may be allowed to roam loose off the owner’s premises, so long as the cat doesn’t create a public nuisance ...”
Chickens or roosters may not be at-large in the town but must be confined to the owner’s property.
The town may impose a warning or a fine of $50 on the owner of a loose animal for violation of the ordinance. Each day that such violation occurs, a separate violation may occur, for which the owner or occupier of a residence may be subject to a fine set out in this provision with the previous fine serving as a warning.
The ordinance notes that “the town may use any lawful means to collect on unpaid fines and seek to recover reasonable attorney fees, costs, expenses and damages that may be allowed by the law.”
The council discussed three contracting bids for road work on East Saline Street, from Alexander Street to West Street and East Hackett Street from Singer Street to the railroad.
The council took bids on the work from Matherly and Sons Paving, Clinton, $51,780; Hunter Paving, Huntington, $69,888; and E&B Paving, Anderson, $60,234, with the council accepting the low bid from Matherly and Sons.
Matherly was approved, with its bid noting the company would thoroughly clean the project area, wedge low areas with hot mix asphalt to bring up to grade, apply hot tack coat and install and compact two inches of hot asphalt to approximately 17,420 feet of road.
“Saline Street, from Alexander to West Street, is truck traffic and whoever paves that is going to have to roll that good, not some light rinky-dink thing,” Hatfield said. “(The roads will) have to have a heavy roller on it to bond it and hold it.”
In other business:
• The town’s 2018 budget was approved at $354,841.
• Changes to the trash ordinance were made to be in compliance with Indiana law, but additional changes were suggested.
“Weeds or grass over the height of 12 inches were deemed a nuisance,” town attorney Josh Reshey said.
Materials, such as trash and rubbish not in the trash container and yard waste, such as rotting leaves are also deemed a nuisance.
Residents can report a written complaint against grass lots over the limit to the town marshal.

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