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Bedwell, Hancock finish sixth at Mater Dei

By B.J. Hargis
Photos by B.J. HARGIS: Sullivan senior Wes Bedwell, left, squares off in his first-round match at Evansville Mater Dei;

EVANSVILLE — Sullivan placed 14th out of 17 wrestling teams that competed at the annual two-day Evansville Mater Dei Holiday Classic, which concluded on Friday.
The hosts won one of the most prestigious tournaments in Indiana with 302 points. Sullivan tallied 32 points.
“This tournament is filled with great teams and state-ranked wrestlers from multiple states,” said Sullivan coach Roy Monroe. “The competition here is top notch. You have to bring your A game when you come here.
“But this is such a great experience for our wrestlers, especially our younger kids. This is some of the toughest competition that we will face all year. This gets the second half of our season started as we have the Winter Duals, conference and sectionals coming up.”
Sullivan had two wrestlers that ended up placing sixth.
Senior Wes Bedwell, competing at 170 pounds, won his first two matches but lost his final three matches.
At 195, senior Tanner Hancock split his first two matches before winning two and losing two of his final four matches. He lost a 6-4 decison to Brayden Clevenger of New Palestine for fifth place.
“We could have easily ended up third and fifth,” Monroe said of Bedwell and Hancock. “To end up placing and on the podium at Mater Dei is a pretty good accomplement.”
Sophomore Josh Scaggs (103) advanced to the second day, but did not place. Kyle Maxey, at 113, did the same.
“It was good to see Josh and Kyle made it to the second day,” said Monroe. “They are both young guys.
“Wrestling in the tournament can help to make them better.”
Brandon Smith had to bow out of the competition after getting hurt in a loss to Mater Dei’s Scott Fitts.
Bailey Cox, Charlie Archer, Jakob Barner, David Morrison, Kenton Williams and Dalton Will also competed for the Golden Arrows.
“We are one of the smallest schools competing down here,” said Monroe. “As young as we are, I was happy not to finish last.
“The kids went out and did their best. We still have a lot of the season to look forward to.”
Sullivan will compete Wednesday at Terre Haute South before wrestling on Saturday at the South Vermillion Invitational.

Evansville Mater Dei Holiday Classic
1. Evansville Mater Dei, 302; 2. Union County, 195; 3. Saint Xavier, 161.5; 4. Floyd Central, 158; 5. Franklin Community, 115; 6. Belleville West, 109.5; 7. New Palestine, 109; 8. New Albany, 88.5; 9. Gibson Southern, 80; 10. North Posey, 79; 11. Evansville Memorial, 60; 12. Tell City, 58.5; 13. Trinity, 51; 14. Sullivan, 32; 15. (tie) Lawrence County, 21; 15. (tie) Mt. Vernon, 21; 17. Legacy Christian Academy, 0.

106: Josh Scaggs (Sullivan) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Josh Scaggs (Sullivan) received a bye
Quarterfinals - Josh Koderhant (Belleville West) over Josh Scaggs (Sullivan) (Fall 2:30)
Cons. Round 2 - Josh Scaggs (Sullivan) over Isaiah Kiesel (Gibson Southern) (Fall 2:20)
Cons. Round 3 - Matthew Meyer (St. Xavier) over Josh Scaggs (Sullivan) (Fall 2:19)

113: Kyle Maxey (Sullivan) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Kyle Maxey (Sullivan) over Jake Happel (Floyd Central) (Dec 13-8)
Quarterfinals - Kameron Kendall (North Posey) over Kyle Maxey (Sullivan) (Fall 0:45)
Cons. Round 2 - Kyle Maxey (Sullivan) received a bye
Cons. Round 3 - Chase Nelson (New Palestine) over Kyle Maxey (Sullivan) (Fall 0:16)

120: Bailey Cox (Sullivan) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Elijah Combs (Floyd Central) over Bailey Cox (Sullivan) (Fall 0:36)
Cons. Round 1 - Max Ziller (Gibson Southern) over Bailey Cox (Sullivan) (Fall 0:58)

138: Charlie Archer (Sullivan) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Max Jones (New Palestine) over Charlie Archer (Sullivan) (Fall 0:51)
Cons. Round 1 - Sam Tempco (Evansville Reitz Memorial) over Charlie Archer (Sullivan) (Fall 2:07)

145: Brandon  Smith (Sullivan) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Brandon Smith (Sullivan) received a bye
Quarterfinals - Scott Fitts (Evansville Mater Dei) over Brandon  Smith (Sullivan) (Fall 3:42)
Cons. Round 2 - Landon McBride (Evansville Reitz Memorial) over Brandon  Smith (Sullivan) (M. For.)

160: Jakob Barney (Sullivan) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Konner Kraeszig (St. Xavier) over Jakob Barney (Sullivan) (Fall 1:49)
Cons. Round 1 - Jakob Barney (Sullivan) received a bye
Cons. Round 2 - Jyrique Boone-Hill (Belleville West) over Jakob Barney (Sullivan) (Fall 2:52)

170: Wes Bedwell (Sullivan) - Sixth
Champ. Round 1 - Wes Bedwell (Sullivan) over Landon Hoover (Gibson Southern) (Fall 0:51)
Quarterfinals - Wes Bedwell (Sullivan) over Luke McGennis (Mt. Vernon) (Dec 6-2)
Semifinals - Micah Ervin (Union County) over Wes Bedwell (Sullivan) (Fall 0:45)
Cons. Semis - Colton Gamblin (North Posey) over Wes Bedwell (Sullivan) (Fall 3:50)
5th Place Match - Cameron Ward (St. Xavier) over Wes Bedwell (Sullivan) (Fall 3:23)

182: David  Morrison (Sullivan) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Kyle Hagedorn (Tell City) over David  Morrison (Sullivan) (Fall 0:11)
Cons. Round 1 - Nathan Boes (Gibson Southern) over David  Morrison (Sullivan) (Fall 0:57)

195: Tanner Hancock (Sullivan) - Sixth
Champ. Round 1 - Tanner Hancock (Sullivan) over Logan Faquahur (Gibson Southern) (Fall 2:54)
Quarterfinals - Kadin Kulmer (Trinity (Louisville)) over Tanner Hancock (Sullivan) (Fall 0:41)
Cons. Round 2 - Tanner Hancock (Sullivan) over Mason McMallister (Tell City) (Fall 0:25)
Cons. Round 3 - Tanner Hancock (Sullivan) over Cash Nelson (Franklin Community) (Dec 10-7)
Cons. Semis - Robbie Helfrich (Evansville Mater Dei) over Tanner Hancock (Sullivan) (Fall 0:36)
5th Place Match - Brayden Clevenger (New Palestine) over Tanner Hancock (Sullivan) (Dec 6-4)

220: Kenton Williams (Sullivan) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Isaac Marret (St. Xavier) over Kenton Williams (Sullivan) (Fall 2:46)
Cons. Round 1 - Kenton Williams (Sullivan) over Keith Monsour (Trinity (Louisville)) (Fall 2:31)
Cons. Round 2 - Macray Robinson (Gibson Southern) over Kenton Williams (Sullivan) (Fall 2:12)

285: Dalton Will (Sullivan) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Dalton Will (Sullivan) over Hunter Holcombe (New Palestine) (DQ)
Quarterfinals - Manny Cheam (Franklin Community) over Dalton Will (Sullivan) (Fall 2:46)
Cons. Round 2 - Denis Diemer (St. Xavier) over Dalton Will (Sullivan) (Dec 4-2)

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