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Amid frustrations, Dugger gets new fiber optic cable lines


The Dugger town board president and its other members were initially upset with new fiber optic cable lines coming to Dugger.

“They did not bring us no plans or anything for us to look at one time,” Bill Pirtle, Dugger town council president, said during the council’s meeting Monday. “They did not come to a meeting. They just started working on it.”

One of the reasons for the upset, several water lines had been broken during the boring of the fiber optic lines. The company putting in the lines is Joink, out of Terre Haute.

Following the meeting Monday and after having a walk through with Joink on Tuesday, Pirtle feels better about the plans.

“It went pretty well,” Pirtle said Tuesday night. “We walked it from the library to the bank and figured it out. I told them, I don’t want them to have to go back and do all the stuff on it again. So we will go up Third Street, and, then, we will cross and go up to the bank in front.”

The lines are being run for the town library and First Financial Bank.

Pirtle said they could have come behind the bank and went up Main Street, but Joink started without talking to the city. That direction was one the town would have preferred.

“If they had gotten ahold of us sooner, we might have went that way, but the surveyors and engineers would have to change the whole plans now,” Pirtle said.

They are currently in a hold-up with completing the project though.

“They haven’t got the right-of-away to boor under the railroad tracks yet,” Pirtle said.

As for the broken water lines, Joink admitted to Pirtle the mistake.

“They said they wasn’t straight within the 4 feet yet, and they were going to work with us,” Pirtle said. “I am going to work with them.”

The broken lines have caused some trouble for the city while they worked.

“They hit one that fed into the lake, and it was 12:30 when I got there that night,” Pirtle said. “We couldn’t fix it that night, so we just shut it off for the night.”

That and all other leaks have since been fixed, and the two groups have now come to an understanding.

“We got along real well,” Pirtle said.

Joink, not the town, is paying for the new fiber optic lines and also for any sidewalks they have to repair after boring.

“They will be the one to pay for them because they are the ones who collect off of them,” Pirtle said.

Eventually, residents will be allowed to hook onto the fiber optic lines.

“Right now, it is not for the residents’ use,” Pirtle said. “In time, they will be able to hook on.”

In other business:

• The town council with have a meeting today for with contractors for stormwater drainage.

• Road closings were approved by the board for the Dugger Coal Festival and the Lions Club annual fish fry. Those two events will be held on Oct. 4 and 5.

• On a decision about the drinking water for the town, the council chose to put that decision on hold.

• The final budget meeting will be held Oct. 8 at their regular meeting.

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