Sunday, October 20, 2019
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Misunderstanding keeps Sullivan County Ambulance Transport off tax rolls until 2020


The Sullivan County Ambulance Transport will be placed on the county’s tax rolls a year later than expected.

“The ambulance was set to be in the budget to be on the tax rolls in 2019,” Auditor Diana Ross informed the county commissioners during its meeting on Monday. 

“And the (Department of Local Government Finance) didn’t see that I had it in the tax rolls. So when they sent my budget, it wasn’t in there.”

The good news is the amount of funds — about $260,000 that was supposed to have been levied and put on the tax rolls — is not lost, it just needs to be shifted from one fund to another.

“So what we have to do is make a correction on that error,” she explained. “At the beginning of the year, we will take out of the general fund the amount of money they were supposed to receive for the settlement of next year.” 

Ross said the county performs two settlements each year, which is based on the property taxes. 

“So at the beginning of the year, the (county) council will have to appropriate the funds that they were supposed to have been on the tax rolls,” she added.

Ross said how the funds are distributed for next year will be up to the new auditor — Shelly Hiatt Parris is the auditor-elect who will take office on Jan. 1 — and the county council.

“That money is going to be appropriated the first of the year and the ambulance (department) will be able to start out with a little money,” she noted.

In other business:

• The commissioners approved county resident Grayson Taylor to receive funds from the county’s utility fund for new electric service through Duke Energy to his newly built home on CR 600E.

The utility fund is derived from Peabody Coal’s temporary road closures of about 10 years, to restore power to areas where it was removed due to mining operations.

Over the past several months, the commissioners have worked with property owners in southern Sullivan County seeking to have one of two utility companies — WIN Energy or Duke Energy — provide electric service to homes they plan to build.

According to the utility fund policy, Taylor would be paid at a rate of about $3 per foot for what he estimated was approximately 1,600 feet.

• The commissioners were updated on the new computer system being implemented to link the Sullivan County Highway Department’s three district locations.

Fred Sankey, CFS Computer Systems owner, reported District 1 (Sullivan) is fine for Internet access, but District 2 (Shelburn) and District 3 (Carlisle) are not.

He received the commissioners’ permission to explore other options.

The commissioners approved a request by American Land Holdings Inc. for a two-year extension of road closures on CRs 825S (3,100 feet in length), 850S (2,150 feet) and 900S (2,230 feet).

These closures are in place currently for mining work at Peabody Coal’s Bear Run Mine.

The commissioners opened its solicited sealed bids for Sullivan County Highway Department supplies in 2019.

Bids were received for petroleum products, stone, bituminous materials, repair parts, grader blades, tires and tubes, metal and plastic pipe and box culverts.

The commissioners tabled any final decision until all the bids can be reviewed by Sullivan County Engineer Jerry Netherlain.

• The commissioners asked their current attorney Ann Mischler for her recommendation of a new attorney beginning in 2019.

Mischler will be stepping down as she was elected Sullivan County Prosecutor in the November general election.

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