Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Farmersburg discusses new school parking lot, student safety


A presentation regarding the purchase of new school property took precedence when the Farmersburg Town Council met Tuesday evening.
Mark Baker, superintendent of Northeast School Corp., shared with the board that NESC has purchased property around Northeast North Elementary.
The corporation currently owns the lot on the corner of North Fourth and West Cyrus streets. They have now purchased two additional lots: One on the corner of North Fifth and West Cyrus streets and one just to the east of the school, directly behind the gymnasium.
“We know that we always have problems with parking anytime that we have a school event anywhere,” said Baker. “The Methodist church has been good to us for many, many years but, still, the parking lot’s not big enough for any time we have an event.”
NESC would like to expand the parking lot at NENE; however, the new parking lot would be obstructed by a public sidewalk and an alley.
With student safety a top concern, Baker asked for the board’s suggestions for keeping the alley open, yet providing a barrier for student protection.
“I’ve come to get your blessings and thoughts as we move forward,” said Baker.
A motion was approved to vacate the alleys between Fourth and Fifth streets and between Cyrus and Main streets for NESC. Gates will be placed across the alley and all utilities and law enforcement will have access to the alley as needed.
Baker said that once the project is complete, the board would be given a tour.
“We’re going to be pretty proud of it,” he said.

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