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Merom talks more about enforcement of ordinances


The Merom Town Council discussed the enforcement of their recently updated town ordinances at Wednesday night’s meeting.

Some of the ordinances they discussed included the mobile home, lawn care for trash and tall grass, loose animals and unregistered vehicles.

Most of the ordinances show that the town can impose a fine, the price would depend upon the ordinance, or a warning. With loose animals, the town can go straight to a fine if they choose, others will require a warning first depending on what the ordinance states.

“You can issue those however you can get it to the person (violator),” Joshua Reshey, the town attorney, said. “If you want to you can hand them a paper that says ‘hey, you violated this ordinance’ (depending on the ordinance violated) …”

For the unregistered vehicle ordinance, it is very specific. The town must give a warning and the person in violation of that ordinance must have 20 days to be compliant with the ordinance. After that, the town can choose to impose a $100 fine or abate the vehicle.

As for the lawn care ordinance, the town can do an abatement on the property as well or give fines of $50.

“The town of Merom is going to go, at their own expense, clean up somebody’s yard and then try to recover the costs of doing that,” Reshey said.

Reshey recommended that town council members should take pictures to document the violations.

“I feel like we should give them a warning before we even start thinking about fining them,” Merom Town Council President John Gettinger said.

“We’ve been giving them warnings,” Councilman Kaleb Westbrook said.

Reshey further explained that it was up to the council on how they handled the ordinances and their enforcement.

“That’s up to your guys’ discretion as to how you want to do that,” Reshey said. “This allows you to give warnings; this allows you to give fines. You are not obligated to give a fine. In fact, if you impose a fine and they go clean it up, you guys can waive the fine if you want …”

The council went over several different properties and they planned to give out warnings for this month.

In other business:

· Mosquito Authority came to speak with the council about spraying the town to help keep the mosquito population down. They estimated the cost would be around $135 for one spray.

“I say make them wear ‘Off’ … put ‘Off’ on,” Gettinger said. “I mean what the heck?”

Gettinger explained once a month might not truly cut down the mosquito population.

“If you think it is going to make everyone feel better,” Gettinger said. “I don’t think it’s going to help too much. When you go outdoors you just got to take some personal responsibility and put some ‘Off’ on.”

After more discussion, Westbrook and Gettinger voted to have the town sprayed once for July and once for August.

· The town council voted to be in agreement with the Sullivan County Commissioners for their decision to keep Merom Station Road’s railroad crossing open.

· The first Merom Square Body Truck meet was the last weekend in June and Westbrook said the event was very successful.

· Gettinger informed the council that two swings were broken at the park and needed to be fixed.

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