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Carlisle Town Council looks into water supply and water treatment facilities upgrades, rate increase


The Carlisle Town Council discussed the purposed around $3.5 million water supply and water treatment facilities upgrades at last week’s meeting.

The council is working with Kenna Consulting to seek out grants from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs. Even with possible grants, the town will have to take out a new Drinking Water State Revolving Fund loan to pay for the needed upgrades.

James Cameron, a CPA with Bakertilly Municipal Advisors, explained the town would have to have a rate increase to show that they could pay the new loans.

“You are looking at 47% or up to 85% rate increase,” Cameron said.

Council President Azalia Barfield asked what the suggested amount of time to make the increase was.

“… up to a three-year phase,” Cameron said.

“I was hoping to spread it out five years,” Barfield said.

After talking rates with representatives from Kenna Consulting, the town is planning to seek a $600,000 loan. The proposal for the grant is due Oct. 16 and the application will be due on Nov. 22.

The town will hold a public hearing Sept. 19 at 11 a.m. in the town hall about the possible improvements.

The recommended water supply improvements include abandoning the three smaller wells, developing a new third larger well, installing an emergency backup generator and other electrical, controls and accessibility improvements. The recommended water treatment facility improvements include replacing the existing 150 gallon per minute and 600 gpm package treatment units with two new 600 gpm package treatment units.

The town is also looking into improvements to the facility building, including HVAC, electrical and emergency backup generator systems. New high service pump motors and variable frequency drives would also be installed, as well as new pressure and flow instrumentation devices.

In other business:

·        There are utility software changes planned for Sept. 16 and Clerk-treasurer Susan Ridgeway will go through training for the updates.

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