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DNR urges hunters to practice safety, wishes them a prosperous season

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Deer archery season began just one week ago and various deer hunting seasons will continue through Jan. 31. During this time, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources urges hunters and others to use caution, making sure they are hunting legally and safely.

In Indiana, in order to legally hunt, hunters must have a hunting license, which can be obtained after passing a hunter’s education course.

Captain Jet Quillen, DNR law enforcement, said for young hunters who are not able to take the hunter’s education class, an apprentice license may be purchased.

“You can purchase up to three apprentice licenses before you actually have to take a hunter education class,” Quillen said.

There are no age restrictions when it comes to taking the class. Students must simply be able to comprehend the material and take a written test.

Hunters must also be granted permission to hunt on any property and respect bag limits regarding the species a hunter is pursuing. Quillen recommends visiting the Indiana DNR’s website and reviewing the hunting guides in the “Fish and Wildlife” section for season dates and bag limits.

Hunting illegally can bring consequences ranging from an infraction to a misdemeanor. If property owners notice a hunter who they did not give permission to hunting on their property, they are encouraged to contact the DNR’s tip line at 1-800-TIP-IDNR, which will direct callers to a 24-hour dispatch center.

While it is important hunters are hunting legally, ensuring hunters are hunting safely is one of the DNR’s primary goals. Quillen
encourages hunters to plan their hunt and notify others of their location.

“Advising your loved ones or friends where you’re going to go hunting, when you’re going to go and when you’re going to be back is a big thing,” Quillen said.

This is helpful to local law enforcement should an accident arise.

The main injuring seen during hunting season is tree stand falls. Quillen said using a full-body safety harness is key when hunting in an elevated stand.

Identifying targets is also of utmost importance in order to avoid hitting a target is in on the property legally or by accident Quillen said.

While many hunters prefer hunting solo, Quillen said hunting with a partner is not a bad idea, especially those teaching others.

“I just want all the hunters out there to have a great and prosperous hunting season, but do it in a safe way,” Quillen said.

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