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Courthouse closes down again to 'by appointment only' effective today


Courthouse closes down again to 'by appointment only' effective today


The Sullivan County Commissioners moved to close the courthouse, once
again, to "by appointment only" during its meeting on Monday.

The change order will take effect today due to a resurgence in the
number of COVID-19 positive cases.

"It's worse now than the first time we did anything," commissioner Ray
McCammon said.

"Right, and we closed down the courthouse and sent everybody home
then," commissioners' president Bob Davis added.

McCammon then made the motion to close the courthouse to by appointment only.

"And when somebody makes an appointment that doesn't mean they stand
out here in the rotunda and do their business, it means they go to
that office and do their business or if they want to go out in the
yard and do their business," he added. "But we don't need to have a
bunch of people standing inside the door there waiting to do

Davis asked of the commissioners if the offices be fully staffed.

"I know some have already chosen to go with split staff if their staff
is able to do their work from home," Davis noted.

"And I think anyone that has the ability to work from home, I think we
probably should split it up," McCammon replied.

The commissioners agreed decisions on staff working be left up to each
individual officeholder.

New council member Wes Scarbrough asked if courthouse meetings, such
as the county council meeting next Monday, would be affected with this

McCammon clarified his motion to the courthouse being closed from 8
a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, with the after hours meetings having limits of
50 people (orange designation) or 25 (red designation).

Sullivan County Health Department Health Office Dr. Michael Gamble
said he expected the county's designation will turn from red to orange
by the end of this week.

McCammon, Davis and John Waterman Sr. voted 3-0 to approve the motion.

"And I do encourage everybody to wear their masks in the courthouse,
because that is a necessity," McCammon concluded.

Shelburn closes down its water office

The Shelburn Water Office will be closed until COVID-19 is under
control, according to a news release issued on Monday.

"Please place payments in the silver mail slot left of the front
door," the release stated. "If paying with cash, please put the cash
in an envelope with your name or address on it before placing in the
mail slot. There will be no receipts or change given out, NO
EXCEPTIONS. Any extra amount paid will be credited to your account."

If requesting water service or in need of assistance, town officials
urged residents to please contact the water office at (812) 397-5900
for further instructions.

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