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Rural Community Schools approves of replacing Darin Cox


At their monthly meeting on Tuesday night, the Rural Community Schools
Board of Directors approved of starting the procedure to officially
remove member Darin Cox.

“According to the by-laws, when you miss four straight meetings
(August, September, October and November) you can be removed from the
board,” said Vice President Meleah Sullivan.

She added that his situation has changed and it would be best to have
a more active board member.

The board unanimously approved.

President Susie Pierce encouraged the board to begin the search with
hopes of having a replacement by their next board meeting — Jan. 19,

The board also received an update on professional development from
Chief Academic Officer Jennifer Wall.

“Lori Markle, Kelsey Jewell and myself attended a workshop through the
West Central Indiana Education Center on Depth of Knowledge in English
Language Arts,” said Wall. “We learned the top 17 reading strategies
that give the students the most growth in the classroom.

“Teachers are now implementing them weekly. Tomorrow the three of us
will be attending another virtual workshop that will cover math
information for the ILEARN test that will be taken in spring 2021.
Markle and Jewell are both new to the ILEARN test. We like all of our
teachers to have the opportunity to see how the test was developed and
the expectations they should have for their students.”

She added they are starting intervention classes with the middle school.

“Kassandra Moore will be heading up the benchmark testing for fall,
winter and spring, along with progress monitoring in grades 5-8,” said
Wall. “This year we will focus on reading. Students are taking the
benchmark tests this week.

“Staff will have data meetings to determine the instructional needs of
each student. We look forward to sharing these results with the board,
parents and students soon.”

The board approved ORG 002, which concerns policies that are required
by state statute. The document presented to members stated that every
policy shall be presented in a public meeting, they will be adopted by
a positive vote of a simple majority by the board, they will be
divided into four categories including organizational, personnel,
relational and student; and they will be periodically reviewed at a
minimum of once every five years.

The board agreed to start the process of putting together an inclement
weather resolution for virtual learning, as required by their charter
with Ball State.

Pierce talked about Ball State’s master calendar of reporting
requirements, which locally should include the goals of having
families donate 20 hours, getting the community to donate 200 hours,
development 15 local partnerships, no matter how small and giving back
to the community.

Chief Operating Officer Derek Grant presented the board with several
updates including:

• Even though COVID-19 cases are ramping up as Sullivan County is on
the verge of going Red, there are no cases at RCA, but a few students
are quarantined because of close contact.

• Buses are ready for inspection.

• Vision screenings are 99% completed as a few students were absent when held.

• The long process for completing paperwork with regards to Charter
renewal are underway and on track to be completed by Dec. 18.

• Yearbooks are available in the office for $10.

The board also approved of the retroactive hiring of Morgan Cardin on
Nov. 9 as a middle school science teacher.

“Morgan is a graduate of Indiana State University,” said Grant. “She
is very excited to teach middle school science, something you don’t
see every day.”

The board also approved Cory Bedwell as basketball coach as the board
approved of participating in basketball and archery.

"Right now, everything is day to day," said Grant. "We are not sure
about how many other schools that we play will be playing."

The board also approved of Dec. 17 as the date for the Christmas program.

"Nobody knows for sure how things will play out," said Grant. "We can
just take things one day at a time."

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