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Cagle to preside over Shelburn Town Council in 2021


The Shelburn Town Council chose to go in another direction with its
leadership in 2021 during the reorganizational portion of their
meeting last Tuesday.

Brad Cagle was unanimously chosen to be the council's new president.
Shad Akers made the motion, seconded by Dereck McClure, then Jesse
Kasinger joined in the unanimous 4-0 vote.

Kasinger, the lone Democrat on the four-person council, served as
president in 2020.

In other council reorganizational appointments for 2021 — Cagle made
three appointments to the Shelburn Redevelopment Commission, Kasinger,
McClure and Matt Price; the council unanimously appointed Danielle
Schalburg and Melissa Copeland to the Shelburn Redevelopment
Commission; and the council unanimously voted to retain Terry Modesitt
as town attorney.

The council also approved to conduct its monthly regular town council
meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Shelburn
Community Building, 30 Interurban Street, Shelburn.

In other business:

• The council approved a backhoe lease quote from Diamond Equipment of
$18,336.55 per year for three years;

• The council approved a second phase water line extension from Scott Foster;

• The council removed option A — Mill Street from Illinois to Railroad
Street — from the Community Crossings Street Repairs List for 2021;

• The council approved a proposed Tower Agreement between Joink LLC
and the town of Shelburn;

• The council adopted proposed resolution 2021/01/12 to reduce the 2021 budget;

• The council accepted a quote of $1,935.99 from Linarco LLC to
replace the double doors to the community building;

• The council approved the installation of a cage in the 2019 Shelburn
Police Department car.

Back on Dec. 30, the council tested the theory that "the early bird
gets the worm" during its end-of-the-year business meeting. The
meeting was scheduled for 5:30 a.m. —YES, a.m. — like in the morning.

In the meeting, attended by Kasinger, McClure and Cagle and
clerk-treasurer Jay Southwood — Akers did not attend — the council:

• Adopted proposed resolution 2020/12/22 approving the transfer of
certain property to the Shelburn Redvelopment Authority;

• Adopted proposed resolution 2020/12/12/22-2 regarding an Economic
Development Authority grant;

• Adopted proposed ordinance 2020/12/30-1 to establish a downtown
renovation and water improvements EDA fund for the town of Shelburn;

• Adopted a proposed Amendment to Listing Contract between Re/Max Real
Estate Associates and the Town of Shelburn from Dec. 31, 2020 to Dec.
31, 2021.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 a.m. — YES, a.m.

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