Monday, March 08, 2021
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Sullivan Daily Times moving back to the courthouse square


Over this coming weekend, the Sullivan Daily Times office will move
from its current home on North Main to 31 W. Jackson on the square,
adjacent to WorkOne. Accordingly, the office will be closed on Friday
and reopen in its new office on Tuesday. With the Monday being
Presidents Day, a federal holiday, and no U.S. Postal Service, we will
not publish Monday, but will resume with a print edition on Tuesday
and our regular schedule the rest of the week.

Why the change, you ask? The answer(s) are many but they all involve
change. Every business, large or small, has been impacted by the
digital world. Amazon is the world's largest retailer, Uber is the
largest taxi service but owns no cars and AirBnB, the largest provider
of overnight lodging yet it owns no buildings.

The newspaper industry is as impacted as much as any. While we have
many readers who enjoy print and we are committed to print, digital is
certainly the future. Doubts? Ask anyone under the age of 40 if they
know what a phonebook is or was. While all these trends were underway,
the COVID-19 pandemic has hastened the change and in ways that are unknown
or irreversible. Schools went remote, restaurants went to carry out,
grocers went online and meetings were held online. At this time last
year, how many had honestly heard of Zoom?  It is now a verb as I am
“Zooming at one." Even church services are online.

When the pandemic ends, and the end appears in sight, many changes
will still remain.  Things that once seemed normal may take awhile to
return, if at all. Could Roger Penske or any of us imagine in our
wildest imagination that a Hoosier iconic event like the Indy 500 be
run without a single fan?

The new building is owned by an investor from Robinson, Illinois who
is bullish on Sullivan and has some ideas in store for the building.
Stay tuned. For us, however, it is wired with high speed fiber optic
which will help us greatly on the soon-to-be-rolled-out website which
will have audio podcast and video capabilities. It will enable our
staff to work more efficiently and yes, sometimes remotely. The new
owner of our current building has great plans for it as well. Stay

2020 proved the adage that when life gives you lemons you make
lemonade. We are a small, locally owned, independent business
providing a daily newspaper to our small town and county. Our staff,
Gillian, Patty, Dennis, B.J., Doug, Nikki and Raymond have worked
endlessly and professionally throughout the pandemic to cover the
councils, the ballgames, the schools and those events that define our
community. We have reached out and worked with our advertisers,
themselves small businesses facing immense challenges and often
shrunken revenues.

To all our readers and advertisers, we thank you and look forward to
better days ahead.

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