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Sullivan participating in virtual innovation event to support local governments

By Times Staff

State Treasurer Kelly Mitchell announced the Indiana Bond Bank will be
hosting the third annual Flipping Finance Challenge event, which
includes the city of Sullivan, offered virtually on Friday and

Flipping Finance Challenge: The Board Game brings together coders,
designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, student and civically engaged
individuals to participate in developing solutions to select local

Indiana Bond Bank selected the city of Sullivan, the city of Jasper
and the town of Knightstown as the third cohort of participating units
of government for the Flipping Finance Challenge. In preparation for
the Flipping Finance Challenge, community leadership worked with
Indiana Bond Bank on mapping current and future challenges facing
their regions.

Challenges span a wide range of topics, from neighborhood
revitalization in the city of Sullivan to increasing the access to
food options in the town of Knightstown.

Through a virtual FFC platform, participants will select a challenge
and work with a team or individually on designing a solution.
Solutions may take any shape and do not have to be financial in
nature. After an 18-hour design time, participants will present their
solutions to the units of government. Up to $5,000 in prizes as well
as other prizes/giveaways are up for grabs. Participating innovators
will also have the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of a
network of over 15 professional organizations attending in support of
the event.

The city of Sullivan, city of Jasper and town of Knightstown will
leave Flipping Finance Challenge with solutions that they did not have
prior to the event. That collaborative problem-solving approach aligns
with Indiana Bond Bank’s philosophy, according to Executive Director
Mark Wuellner.

“If our standard answer to every challenge is to issue a bond, then we
will have failed,” said Wuellner. “It’s our responsibility to partner
with Hoosier communities as they face complex, ever-evolving issues.
Creating Flipping Finance Challenge embodies that vision. We’re so
excited to see Hoosier innovation deliver new solutions for our
featured communities.”

The city of Sullivan's challenges to address in this project:


The city of Sullivan has worked for years to remove dilapidated
housing to help clean up the city and raise property values. This has
now provided and opportunity for affordable housing to be built.
Something that is greatly needed in a highly rural/farming community.

The city of Sullivan challenges FFC innovators with providing a
variety of affordable housing option plans, that can be single or
multi-family. That also provide amenities within the home. COVID-19
has shown us there is a greater need to be not only comfortable at
home but to truly enjoy being there.


The City of Sullivan has faced physical growth struggles. We have
large amounts of business that sit just outside the city limits, and
have had unsuccessful annexation attempts. This lessens our tax base
and our population. We face things such as the Elks golf course being
half in the city and half out.

The city of Sullivan challenges FFC Innovators for help us envision a
growing city without the tool of annexation.


In 2017 the city of Sullivan was forced to close the only pool in the
county due to needed repairs and lack of funds. The pool was
originally built in 1963 and was done so largely in part by volunteers
and donations. Securing it in the hearts of Sullivan residents for
years to come. It was a sad day for our city to shut it down and
residents still feel that

The city of Sullivan challenges FFC innovators to provide out of the
box ideas on how to raise funds or attract potential investors to our
greatly needed and wanted $2.3 million pool renovation.


While outside of the city of Sullivan limits, the Sullivan County Park
and Lake provides amenities that are enjoyed not only by city
residents, but many out-of-town visitors throughout the summer months.
The city is working to make it easier for its residents and park
visitors to travel between the downtown area and park by providing a
walking/biking trail. While the Park and Lake provides many amenities,
there is a lot of space for additional fun.

The city of Sullivan challenges FFC innovators to provide new
amenities that will fit within the Park and Lake and help boost
tourism not only to the park but give people a reason to stay longer
and visit the city as well.


The city of Sullivan was on the path to a large growth swing when the
pandemic hit. There were plans to build a hotel near the Civic Center
and make Sullivan a more desirable destination for weddings,
conferences and gatherings of all types. With the event of a pandemic,
gatherings have been required to be smaller and meetings have been
replaced by Zooming.

The city of Sullivan challenges FFC Innovators to create a plan to get
a new hotel back on track. Unique concepts for gatherings and use of
hotel/conference spaces is needed to attract visitors.

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