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Carlisle water and treatment facility receiving multiple updates, new hiring too


The Carlisle Town Council received an update on the water and sewer
treatment facility — both new construction and operating, including a
new hiring — during its monthly meeting last Tuesday.

Updating the facility's ongoing construction project, utility director
Joe Coffman told the council, "Moving along well … other than the well
fields, it's just too wet out there. It may be awhile before that's

Turning to day-to-day operations at the facility, Coffman said he
started making changes at the "in November and December in operations
at the plant.

"We're getting good on operating at the plant, now we're trying to
dial it in," he said.

Coffman said the facility's two biggest costs, other than payroll, is
energy and sludge production. He noted they have decreased the
electric bill by about 37%, a savings of about $4,500 a month.

"We're making headway there," he said.

"Our next thing we working on is sludge production. If we can get
sludge production down, to where we're producing very little sludge,
we won't have to haul so much," saying the solution is to run the
plant as efficiently as it can.

Gave the council a quote "on how to do that. It's going to bring us
into a state of the art facility, basically. Up to now, the focus has
been on infrastructure upgrades. A new computer system will allow them
to run more efficiently."

Coffman said this will be done in two phases, with phase 1 costing
$22,417.28 and phase 2 $10,420.09.

"I'm expecting this will give us about 120% to 130% energy savings.
We're running motors when we don't need to be running them. Now they
are just on or off. At night, this system will detect the load amount,
and if it is lower, then it will automatically shut down."

Council member Harold Hatfield asked if this will be manual or
automatic, with Coffman replying automatic.

"At about 4 in the morning when the prison starts to wake up, it will
turn itself on and get things going," he said.

Council president Azalia Barfield asked about a backup generator, with
Coffman saying that is already in place.

"We're getting good out there, we're going to get better," he said.

At a special meeting on Feb. 22, the council approved the hiring of
Lex Moody at the town's water and sewer plant, recommended to the
council by Coffman. Moddy's start date was effective March 1.

At Tuesday's meeting, Hatfield asked when will be be able to work
weekends on his own.

Coffman replied in about six months.

In other business on Tuesday, the council approved claims for HWC
Engineering ($21,480), Graves Construction ($143,016) and Kenna
Consulting ($5,000).

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